May 2021

Dated: June 8 2021

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What happened in May?

Property sales went up by 385, totalling 821 compared to 436 in May 2020.

New listings saw an increase of 375, totalling 1,020 compared to 645 in May 2020.

Number of days on the market until sale dropped over 72 percent, sitting at just 10 days compared to 36 in May 2020, Townhomes and condos also dropped over 58 percent to 10 compared to 24 in May 2020. 

Average sale price for a home:


$1,817,449, up 26.8 percent from $1,432,827 in May 2020.

Townhouse/condo was $1,011,177, up 21.7 percent from $831,183 in 2020.


$1,351,783, up 34.7 percent from $1,003,500 in 2020.

Townhouse/condo was $834,984, up 28.3 percent from $650,990 in 2020.

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